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Dr. Maria Nina Concepcion

     Dr. Concepcion, Dr. Maria, Dr. Nina, Dr. C...These are just various names that her patients call her. She has been providing medical and healthcare services for 19 years and has been serving Polk County for the last 13 years as a private practice Doctor.  


Born in the Philippines, she has a background in both Eastern and Western Medicine.  This allows her to provide give you different options when it comes to your health. She focuses on primary prevention and helps patients understand even the most complex details of their body.


     Having the eye for beauty, she also has incorporated Aesthetics into her practice and offers a wide array of services to bring out the youthful glow in you.  From Botox to Laser Liposuction, Dr. Concepcion is a Certified Laser Specialist and Beautifill Provider serving the community.

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